The PFM (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal) crown is a tried-and-true restoration that provides strength and durability. The PFM could be the only option for those difficult and complex situations that require precision attachments, or require high strength in situations with minimal room.


  • Tried and true.
  • Strength and durability.
  • Good for large-span bridges.
  • Precision attachments.


Ideal restoration for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges. Cases requiring precision attachments or when minimal inner occlusal space is available.


Any resin modified glass ionomer luting agent.


Any margin style, ideally 1.5 mm of inner occlusal space for optimum aesthetics.

Types of alloys

The metal substructure of a PFM can be made out of any one of a number of dental alloys.

  • High Noble: These alloys have over 50% gold, platinum and/or palladium content. High noble metal is one of the easiest alloys to adjust. We offer PFM crowns in white gold high noble.
  • Semi-precious: These alloys have over 25% noble metal (gold, platinum, palladium) content. Noble metal crowns offer a more hypoallergenic restoration over base metal crowns at a more affordable cost over high noble crowns.
  • Base Non-precious: Contains less than 25% noble metal. Base metal alloys are considered to be the most economical PFM restoration.