UPS Online Label Maker

We suggest our customers use the following guidelines when preparing and shipping a case.

How to prepare, package and ship your case:

  • Include a completed Rx form with each case.
  • Place any photos, etc., in a plastic bag for protection.
  • Pour alginate impressions prior to sending.
  • Sanitize the case materials and place them in sealable bags.
  • Wrap each model with bubble wrap. If models remain on the articulator, please separate the articulator, then wrap each item.
  • Enclose small items, such as loose crowns, bridges and/or shade tabs in a small plastic bag or container, then wrap.
  • Place additional packing material around the items to secure the contents in place within the box.
  • Create your shipping label in the Print Your Label section below, then print.

Need Assistance Shipping a Case?

Our team is happy to help! Call us at 1-877-381-0307 to talk to a friendly LaboSmile USA Dental Lab Customer Service Representative.

Print Your Label

Fill out the fields below and then click submit to generate a shipping label and optionally schedule a pick-up. Simply print your label and seal it to the outside of your package. Confirm that all openings are securely taped and it’s ready to go.